The history of TANI fashion


A little girl is eager to sit at her grandmother’s sewing machine and make the first seams on her doll’s dress. The moment she was able to reach the pedals, her dream came true. She quickly acquired the skills and started experimenting with pieces of fabric… But as it often happens in life, she initially took a different direction - first she attended vocational school, after that she studied mechanical engineering, followed by a job in a completely different field – education. However, noone can go against their own heart. The heart of Tanya Metodieva draws her to the creation of art, the art of garments, the art in the imagination of dressing people beautifully, elegantly and uniquely in their own way.

The first serious attempt in clothing design was her own wedding dress – the young woman knew what she wanted, sought specific materials and managed to create an absolutely original model that no fashion house for bridal dresses  could offer her. Initially she started sewing for herself. She attracted the approving looks of the people around her and the first orders for custom sewing came soon enough. “I will never forget the first garment that I sewed for a customer - a jacket. The most complex product. But I did well “ – Tanya remembers with a smile. The number of customers increased so much that she made a bold decision – she left her job and turned her hobby into a profession. However, when a perfectionist like her takes such a step, things go further. As the amount of work increased at first she hired a few dressmakers - one, then two and three... Now there are about forty employees in the company.

Today Karlovo’s  “TANI FASHION” is  renowned and recognized fashion house in Bulgaria.Thousands of customers from all over the country prefer the brand “TANI” for its high quality garments and the wide selection of styles it offers – casual-elegant, formal business, evening – clothes for every day and every occasion. What is more – it is quite unlikely to find  a fashion house in Bulgaria, which produces the full range of clothing for each season – from the skirt, blouses, dresses and trousers to suits  and coats, plus formal products. Moreover, in sizes ranging from - 32 to 50 EU (European numeration) - 40 to 56 (Bulgarian numeration).

The fashion house has two registered trademarks: TANI and TN fashion.

"TANI FASHION" has been awarded medals and certificates for quality and innovation at the “Choose the Bulgarian” exhibition in Sofia, it has received a thank-you letter from the President of the Republic of Bulgaria and last but not least is a winner of  the Fashion Academy’s “Golden Needle” award. Today the team of “TANI” Fashion House works in their own modern production facility, which meets all European requirements and standarts.

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