Opportunities for refusing orders

Customers can cancel placed orders by calling either of the following numbers: +359 335 94440 or +359 888 903551 no later than 15:00 (3:00pm) on the day of payment and during working hours.

Clients are required to cover the expenses of transaction charges in the process of cancelling an order after the payment has been placed. Customers can exchange products with the same, lower or higher price. The postage expenses are covered by the customers.

Terms of replacement ordered / received goods from the client: Customer may return goods received under Article 126 of the CPA and subject Article 125 of the CPA.

Tani Fashion House has the right to cancel an order if the client has been cancelling placed orders systematically or is giving false or inaccurate information.

Dear Customers,

For your convenience and security, we advice you to print off or save a copy of your order confirmation in need of future reference.