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Снимка от ревю

“TANI”  Fashion house , established in 1993 in Karlovo, with chief designer Mrs. Tanya Metodieva, produces the full range of ladies' clothes – blouses, shirts, suits, casual and formal gowns and dresses, overcoats. Holder of the Fashion Academy's “Golden Needle” award, the designers' team offers the modern, emancipated woman comfortable and elegant clothes, in which she would feel unique and attractive and at the same time her appearance would be adequate in any occasion.

Long gone are the times when women had to prove that they are worthy to work equally to men and needed to wear manly-like suits. Fortunately, the time we now live in is different and She can now afford to look feminine, radiating gentle and delicate sexappeal even in the hectic workdays.

“Live colorfully and smile!” – this is the message which  the products send to the brands' numerous fans.

The garments are designed for dynamic ladies with confidence and youthful spirit insubordinate to time. They stand out with their excellent form of fit within the wide range of sizes, in which every model is manufactured – from 32 to 50 EU (40 to 56 BG), as well as the exclusively high quality of the materials and make. 

Traditionally, the Fashion House offers annual collections of formal wear for the special occasions in our lives. 

The originality in selection and combination of fabrics and perfect make have won the hearts and smiles of many ladies.



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